Ashbrook Estate News Issue 11 Vintage 2020


To our Vintage 2021 edition!

After a nerve-racking week of lockdown, our Chardonnay harvest began on February 9th (c.f. February 4th last year). Despite 81.4mm of rainfall during the month of February (mostly 7th-10th), all our white varieties were picked in good time and in beautiful condition - stunning natural acidity and delicious varietal flavour.

Another 51.6mm of rain on March 4th delayed red grape harvesting by a week or so but we managed to stay on track to have all our grapes in the winery by Easter! Our open lyre trellising has been a blessing in this atypically wet and humid year, reminiscent of 1998 (according to Brian- and Carol-pedias).

Out of the vineyard, we have again had very successful results in the Sakura Wine Awards with one silver and two gold medals. We have had some fantastic wine reviews and the number of patrons through our cellar door has been wonderful.

Hope you enjoy the read!